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The cleaning team of OCA Hotels, key in the security we offer

The OCA Hotels cleaning team has been and it is key to the security we offer in our hotels. In the international housekeeping week 2021, WE THANK all our staff!! People who, day by day, have been at the forefront, especially in such difficult times, to give guarantees to those who work here, to our suppliers and to those who visit us.

At Oca Hotels we create our own seal: the OCA COMMITMENT. A commitment to guarantee rigor when offering security. We design a cleaning protocol with specific products for each area, which include from the entrance to the hotel, to all points of contact. All this, carried out by our chambermaids and all our staff, previously instructed and equipped with individual protection equipment (EPis).

We develop a special preventive maintenance plan, controls and constant reviews of the air conditioning, refrigeration and water circuits systems. We established traffic flows and interpersonal distance. General cleaning of all business units, disinfection by trained companies, nebulization of rooms, steaming of fabrics, elimination of contagion points were carried out too during this process.

An internal management committee, made up of experts in different areas of hotel management and with the support of the entire OCA Hotels staff, has defined the guidelines for action and control. The manuals, procedures and standards were developed based on ICTE regulations, on international and national quality standards, and on our own experience, they have allowed us to be prepared to operate in our business units with a guarantee. All this with all the staff, chambermaids and all the people in the cleaning and maintenance teams of all OCA Hotels.

During the second week of September 2021, from 12th to 18th, the International Housekeepers and Environmental Services Week is celebrated. It is a week dedicated to recognizing the efforts of the members of the staff of janitors, housekeepers, and generally hard-working housekeeping staff.

During the global pandemic, we have seen them in the front line to keep the OCA Hotels facilities clean and safe for those who work here, those who visit us, stay, meet or eat and diner with us.

The international housekeeping week has being celebrated since 1981.

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