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Winter plan in Asturias: we’re going to snow with Oca Hotels!

Although this year has been made to beg a little more than usual, the snow has arrived and the ski resorts of Asturias are already running at full capacity. If you are planning a winter getaway and want to combine sport, gastronomy, nature, tranquility and urban life … there is no doubt, the tierrina is your destination!

Two seasons, a thousand possibilities

Asturias has two ski resorts: Valgrande Pajares, a classic of this sport, and Fuentes de Invierno, less known but full of surprises. Either location is a fantastic option to spend a weekend in the snow, but depending on the plan and the level of skiers, it is advisable to choose one or the other:

  • Inaugurated in the 50s, Valgrande Pajares is one of the oldest and most complete stations in the country. It has almost 31 kilometers of skiable terrain distributed in 38 tracks of all levels – 10 green for beginners, 10 blue of medium difficulty, 14 red of high difficulty and 4 black for experts -, and 9 ski lifts divided into 4 chairlifts, 4 ski lifts and 1 tape that can serve more than 6,500 people every hour. But in addition, in recent years the station has been updated, mainly at the highest levels, opening a snowpark, 2 cross-country ski routes and a specific crossing area. The smallest of the house will also find their place in Valgrande, as the facilities have different recreational areas, nursery service, sled area, material rental and medical service. Ready for a family day?
  • Unlike Valgrande, Fuentes de Invierno station is one of the great unknown of many mountain sports lovers. Inaugurated in 2007 in the municipality of Aller, it offers visitors 8.7 skiable kilometers distributed in 15 tracks – 3 green, 3 blue, 6 red and 3 black – which are accessed through 3 chairlifts, 1 ski lift and a tape with capacity to move 8,200 people per hour. But if this station stands out for something, in addition to its modern facilities and its last generation ski lifts, it is because of the incredible natural environment in which it is located: in the heart of the Asturian Central Mountain. Perfect to enjoy a sporting day without crowds! In addition, it has a very young, family atmosphere, and one is a perfect option for skiing and snowboarding.

 A walk through the Natural Park of Redes

Those nature lovers who want to enjoy the snow without skiing or snowboarding also have their space in Networks. This almost unknown natural park, a biosphere reserve since 2001 and one of the last spaces in the country where brown bears live, occupies a space of 371 km2 in the south of the community full of virgin groves, trails, waterfalls and Caves that are worth discovering.

The most adventurous will enjoy as never doing any of the park’s hiking trails. The Brañagallones, a route of 20 kilometers and medium difficulty, also has a 4×4 taxi service to the Vega de Brañagallones, which facilitates access. Appetizing, right?

Cosmopolitan Getaway

Enjoying a day of skiing or Asturian natural parks does not have to be incompatible with making a more cosmopolitan trip. In Oca Hotels we know it, and for that reason we offer the best of the services in the three accommodations that we have available in the community, all less than an hour away by car from the stations of Valgrande Pajares and Fuentes de Invierno: Oca Palacio de La Llorea Hotel and Spa in Gijón, Oca Santo Domingo Plaza in Oviedo and Oca Villa de Avilés.

Sea and mountains, culture, architecture, gastronomy, and three different cities from which it will be difficult to choose. Which of them do you have for your winter getaway in Asturias? Choose OCA Hotels!

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