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Time to back to OCA Hotels…

All the establishments of OCA Hotels in Galicia, Asturias and Castilla & León will open again their doors, bit by bit, according different regulations and as long as the situation allows us to open. What we do have clear is that we will do it with more desire than ever to see you!

We comeback and we will meet you with all the guarantees. Thanks to our OCA Commitment, we have established different rigorous protocols thinking about your health security, as well as ours, our team and our suppliers. There is also an entire internal management committee, made up of experts in different areas of each hotel. It has the support of the entire chain’s staff, to define guidelines for action and control.

We, definitely, want your back to be better than expected! For this reason, we will do it with different promotions, with all our services improved, increasing the quality of our attention and with a renewed enthusiasm to receive our guests.

It will be a pleasure to see you at any of the OCA destinations. We are eager to offer you the stay you deserve!!

Thank you for trusting OCA Hotels and welcome back.

*These dates could be modified, depending on current regulations and according to the evolution of the situation.




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