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The details that make you fall in love with OCA Hotels

We wanted to add a little sugar to February, 14th. A detail. Mary Poppins called it a pill… With this song, our commercial director, Goretti Iglesias, began this very personal interview. And with it we want to remind you how much we love what we do at OCA Hotels.

If we tell you that we are more than just hotels, it is because we are people, feelings and emotions working so that you can live experiences, show feelings and enjoy exciting OCCasions with us.

Valentine’s Day is always a good time to talk about love: for our team, for our work, for celebrating in our hotels, for falling in love every day with so many details, and for you, our guests and visitors!

How do you work from a hotel so that the client falls in love with the service?

Our guests are always the first. We seek, daily, the way to make them live a fantastic experience, taking care of the details and putting all the love in everything we do. Without a doubt, this is one of the most important points in our day to day life. We constantly work to achieve excellence in our service. We care that our clients feel comfortable, feel warmth and closeness.

What are the most successful details of OCA?

From the first smile (now with our eyes we also smile 😉 ) that you receive upon arrival, the kindness in the treatment, a sweet welcome in the room, a glass of cava, a handwritten letter, a special menu elaborated in detail, the kindness of the staff that accompanies them during their stay… Recognize our guests, to offer them those things that we know they like.

How do you face the new challenge of transmitting, on a commercial level, what is done at OCA Hotels, what makes us different?

With a lot of entusiasm. We are a great company, with great values. We grow little by little, selecting our product very well. Each of our hotels has something special and, above all, they have a soul. Our colleagues are the ones who give it life every day!

What makes the difference: it is the varied product that we have. Each hotel is different in terms of location, aesthetics, gastronomic offer, wellness, meeting spaces, social events… And this enriches us. Our clients will always find quality service thanks to the great teams that make up our hotels.

On the other hand, you will also find hotels in privileged locations with very different aesthetics and construction. No OCA hotel is the same as another.

And how am I going to transmit it?… I bet on doing it through the senses, through emotion. I confess to being especially emotional. Everything that surrounds emotions permeates people. Luckily, this new position allows me to enjoy and learn more about the day-to-day activities of the company’s hotels. I am closer to the product by testing and disseminating it.

How would you define the love for what you do?

I consider myself an enthusiastic person. Each project fills me with hope. I deeply believe in the value of teams, people and the importance of mutual respect. I am not an individualist. I need to work surrounded by people, give and receive, contribute and absorb knowledge for the common good, be united through thick and thin, be supportive of each other. Because together is always better!

I am also one of those people who need to have fun while working. No matter how easy, difficult or hard the day to day is, having a good atmosphere, laughing at oneself or joking in times of stress relieves tension. We spend more time with co-workers than at home with family and friends, so making our work environment pleasant is essential. In addition, and very importantly, this is reflected and perceived by customers!

On the other hand, I do not lose sight of the importance of knowing that, only with our attitude, we can make a job perfect. It’s not the what, it’s the how.

My mother often says “you have to do things with love”, if you know that you have to do something that doesn’t appeal to you too much, no matter how tedious or hard it may seem, the best thing is that you take it with love, that way it will get along better.

It is necessary to try to see things from another perspective and take the positive side, something positive can be taken from everything. I focus on the good part of things, more on what something can bring me than on what it can take away from me. Even the worst situation can bring something good. I recognize that it is not always easy to achieve all these purposes, but I do not stop trying either.

There are two premises that I always keep in mind and that I seek to apply in my day to day:

“Go through life sowing springs”. Emilio Duro.

“Let no one approach you without feeling better and happier when they leave.” Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

And in the OCA Hotels team, do you love each other?

Undoubtedly. Team spirit is the basis of any job well done and that is reflected outside the doors. Personally, I always get attached to the people with whom I share day to day.

I feel very proud of the great team we have. The lockdown and the pandemic have brought us even closer together. We have survived a great challenge, we have learned and overcome obstacles together. We have all contributed our grain of sand, to get ahead for the common good. And I think we’re all grateful.

If something defines us, it is resilience. I feel that there is a great respect and affection that has been reinforced thanks to the difficulties of the last two years.

What is the most beautiful thing about living Valentine’s Day in an OCA hotel?

We are only the stage, a very beautiful stage, but, without a doubt, the best are the couples, families, friends, colleagues who choose us and who spread their illusion, complicity, laughter through the hotels.

Love manifests itself in many ways, it is the engine that moves the world!


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