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The clandestine dinners of OCA Hotels return to Foz and Allariz and Santiago join this gastronomic initiative

OCA Hotels gives importance to the weight of gastronomy and to the offers in the restaurant services in our hotels. The “clandestine dinners” that emerged in the OCA Playa de Foz, by the hand of its chef, Bruno Pena, and its director, Ana Lago, will soon add two new meeting points in Allariz and Santiago, in the OCA Vila de Allariz and at the OCA Puerta del Camino, respectively.

In this way, as Pablo Vila, from the Food and Beverages department, explains we try to highlight the importance of selecting the products we offer in our restaurants, the suppliers we have and of course the professionals who are behind the stove. Our objective is for the client to find their meeting point at OCA Hotels, but not only to stay on their business and leisure trips, but also to choose us for lunch, dinner, to celebrate, to get married, for their meetings and to know the gastronomy of each OCA destination.

That is why we try to extend this project that emerged in OCA Playa de Foz and take it to OCA Vila de Allariz, by the hand of its chef, Gerson Iglesias and the hotel director, Goretti Iglesias, and even the OCA Puerta del Camino, from the hand of its chef, Miguel Sande, and the hotel manager, Lalo Crespo.

The OCA Playa de Foz hotel has reopened its doors on May 13th with the date for the next clandestine dinner, scheduled for June 3rd. On this occasion, Bruno Pena will have María Varela, from A parada das Bestas (Palas de Rei), and Anxo Trives, from Hostal La Viuda (Pobra de Trives) in the kitchen. Cafés Candelas and his team “Sibaritas” will be in charge of preparing the coffee.

This will already be the sixth edition of the clandestine dinners that try to resume those meetings of yesteryear in Foz, held in the booth, a time to enjoy with friends, among delicacies and that now we return with more enthusiasm than ever, if possible, explains the director from the OCA Playa de Foz, Ana Lago. Adding the joy that other hotels in the chain are joining the initiative, to add an offer that combines the different options and destinations of OCA Hotels.


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