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The “clandestine dinners” begin at the Erva restaurant at OCA Vila de Allariz

OCA Vila de Allariz will celebrate its first clandestine dinner, on June 24th, at its Erva restaurant, run by Gerson Iglesias.

The hotel manager, Goretti Iglesias, excitedly explains that in this new phase of the kitchen at OCA Vila de Allariz, run by Gerson Iglesias, the preparations will be more sustainable, more surprising. Hence the new name of the restaurant: Erva. It is quite a declaration of intent.

The head chef of the OCA Vila de Allariz, Gerson Iglesias, explains that the name, of Portuguese origin, defines any type of herb. Our bet is focused on the local product, of proximity, of the river, sea or land, of small producers and farmers. The menu is varied and if something is going to gain prominence are the “ervas”, green shoots, seeds, vegetables and various fruits, which will give color and flavor to our dishes.

This will be the first edition of the clandestine dinners in Allariz, which joins this gastronomic initiative that emerged in OCA Playa de Foz by the hand of its chef, Bruno Pena, and the hotel’s director, Ana Lago. In this way, OCA Hotels endorses the weight of gastronomy in its hotels, values ​​the product and its catering team, both in the kitchen and in the service.

In this culinary experience Gerson Iglesias will have  Begoña Vázquez, cook at O Regueiro da Cova, in Verín and member of Cociña Ourense; with Manuel Garea, pastry chef and professor at the U. A. F. Xunta de Galicia, from Melide, and precisely with Bruno Pena, from the OCA Playa de Foz and Pablo Vila, director of Food and Beverages at OCA Hotels, both members of Cociñeiros Lugo. The pairing will be carried out by Bodegas Cunqueiro, with explanations from its marketing director, César Fernández. And the barista and head of  Cafés Candelas Training, José Manuel Portela will be in charge of the delicious coffee.

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