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Loving what we do in OCA Hotels

Isn’t it a great day for talking about loving what we do in OCA Hotels, because it’s Saint Valentines’ day.

Such a special day, we have been preparing for so long, for those couples, families and a lot of persons to enjoy a great stay, full of details…

We are so many behind a hotel experience. We always say we are so much than hotels in OCA Hotels… In this team we love what we do!! And who better than our managing director, to talk you about the passion we feel and transfer to our diary job; to remember us the most emotional things of our clients; to explain everybody that the most significant point in such a compicated situation is our team’s effort, the effort of each and everyone of us for our company to keep going ahead!! <3

Don’t miss this personal interview to Ramón Braña, general manager in OCA Hotels!

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When did you konw you would work at the hotel world and why?

My first approach to the tourist world was in high school, when, for the first time, I heard about the Tourism School. But the truth is that it was something intuitive for me to decide studying Tourism, I didn’t know exactly what could I do at that moment. Although, once inside the school, within the possibilities that tourism offered me, what I liked the most was the hotel world, so I decided that I wanted to be a hotel manager. You could think I’m not answering you, but I can’t give you a reason for this decision, even today. Perhaps, because I thought that choosing something different from everybody, would allow me having more job opportunities.

What do you love the most about your job?

We understand the love by hotel world as a whole group of different tasks and activities. As a hotel director you will probably be fixing problems or failures, or being on the kitchen, or meeting clients, your staff, or the media or you could be reviewing economic results. The variety and breadth of tasks in the hotels is what makes this an unique profession. I always say that a hotel director is not an expert in nothing but he/she knows about almost everything.

Which ones are the customer’s details that cause you more emotions?

When the customer becomes your friend. When he/she commends you his/hers vacations, calls or writes you directly for his/hers next stay in your hotel or follows you when you change hotel or company. You both generate a friendship.

And about your team? 

When you become a leader, instead of only a boss: Your team will follow you, because they will believe in what you do and how you do it.

How do you encourage your workers to love their job as a team?

You have to be their paragon. Because when your bosses or your team whatch your dedication, your effort and your attitude at work… As the saying goes: “You preach and something will always remain”. 

Does the profession’s love grow through difficult times?

We have lived in the past times of difficulty, through important economic crises, and I would say the love doesn’t grow, but relationship between the team it does. That’s because we’ll work more intensely and we’ll appreciate the goals we achieve. Said that, I prefer good times, this is where we can really work with joy and launch new projects. Finally, if you talk about nowadays and the situation we have been suffering since March last year… These are not only difficult times, these are very, vey hard and complex times, we have lost years’ work. Honestly, profession’s love is not growing today, but we can look team’s loyalty and specially we can watch them working together for the company get forward.  

How do you provide confidence and good vibes to your team, while looking for excelence in service?

I have said that before: being a role model. If you transmit good feelings and if you do it with -the three “h”-, humility, humanity and humor, you’ll put both external and internal customers (your team) at the center of everything, then you’ll manage to transmit them the philosophy that you intend to implant.

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