This year 2019, our hotel Oca Puerta del Camino, in Santiago de Compostela, is birthday! A few days ago we presented its interesting calendar that includes activities throughout the remainder of the year, which seek to open the doors of the hotel to the city of Santiago and to all of Galicia, building bridges with culture, business, community Educational and sports.

The program has started with a photographic exhibition of the hotel through these twenty years of history, from its inauguration to the present. The hall and common spaces of the Puerta del Camino will also host exhibitions of painting, by the compostelana Isabel Rey and sculpture, by the artist Francisco Leiro, among other artists, during the months of July, October, November and December.

Another of the main dishes of the program, are the three gastronomic days that will be held in the restoration areas and will take place in the months of May, September and November. The first one will be focused on purely vegetarian recipes and will have the advice of the well-known nutritionist Marisol Filgueiras. In addition, another two days will also be held: Gastronomy of Diaspora and Dishes with Memory, a tour of forgotten historical dishes of Galician cuisine.

During the summer there will be, among other outdoor activities, a viewing of the famous Perseids with pecking dinner, in collaboration with the Ramón María Aller Astronomical Observatory of the USC.

Emphasizing different sectors with a close relationship with the city, our hotel Oca Puerta del Camino presents four presentations on sport, human values, respect for the environment and female entrepreneurship. Among the speakers are personalities such as Moncho Fernández coach of Obradoiro CAB, or Teresa Carballeira, professor of Public Law and Theory of the State and member of the Compostela Group of Universities, an organization that seeks to build bridges between cultures with Europe and the Camino de Santiago as guides .

Finally, and emphasizing one of the axes of corporate social responsibility in our chain, the hotel will also seal its commitment to the environment by signing a recycling agreement with the Spanish environmental organization Ecoembes.

To celebrate with all friends of the house, collaborators and clients twenty years of work, the Puerta del Camino will be the scene of a gala, in July, which will be a real surprise for all attendees. In it we will enjoy music, show, gastronomy and many activities that will not leave indifferent any guest.

Take note of all program activities and come visit our hotel!