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Grand OCA Maragogi has the Seal of Responsible, Clean and Safe Tourism of the Government of Brazil

Did you know that in our Grand OCA Maragogi hotel we have the Seal of Responsible, Clean and Safe Tourism from the Ministry of Tourism of the Government of Brazil? This means that we are able to receive you comfortably and safely.

OCA Hotels has created an OCA Commitment for the safety of clients, suppliers and for our team. It will be supervised by an internal management committee. It is made up of experts in different areas of our hotels. Also at Grand OCA Maragogi and with the support of the entire company staff.

We have created manuals, procedures, standards that allow us to be prepared to operate our business units with guarantee. Compliance with our OCA Commitment will be reviewed on a daily basis by the management team of each business unit and the periodic audits of our operations and quality team. In each hotel / apartment, the OCA Commitment Manager figure is created, which will ensure compliance with all OCA Hotels regulations.

Responsible Tourism Seal: Safety for the consumer and Incentive for Brazilian tourism

The Brazilian Ministry of Tourism launched the Responsible Tourism seal, a program that establishes good hygiene practices for each segment of the sector. The seal is an incentive for consumers to feel safe when traveling and visiting places that meet specific protocols for the prevention of Covid-19, positioning Brazil as a protected and responsible destination.

To have access to the seal, tourism companies and guides need to be duly registered in the Cadastur (Registry of Tourist Service Providers). This is the first stage of the Brazilian Tourism Resumption Plan, coordinated by the Ministry of Tourism of the Government of Brazil, with the aim of reducing the impacts of the pandemic and preparing the sector for a gradual return to activities.


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