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Discovering Avilés one more time

OCA Hotels wants you to come and discover Avilés one more time. We are sure there is a lot left for you to see in here!

Let our city amazes you… You’ll find its industrial heritage, or La Carriona cemetery, you could try our gastronomy and please loose yourself through the historic center of the town. And all of this, only just before enjoying a wonderful night’s sleep and having a delicious breakfast with us.

Our hotel OCA Villa de Avilés opens again its door on February, 15th. We want to be your destiny, your choice. If you have work’s appointments or business; if you want to hang out in the city; or are you going to discover Asturias… By yourself and with your pet: Choose us!

That’s why, we comeback with an offer of 15% discount in all your acommodations in bed and breakfast, only if you make your reservation from february 11th to 19th in our website

Our director of OCA Villa de Avilés, Aida Iglesias, is extremely enthusiastic about the idea of ​​discovering one more time the city. She suggests you the first thing, to eat: «We have a typical dessert of Antroxu (carnival), called “frixuelos” and they are superb till death!» 😛

To her essentials list she adds: Taking a walk through the Galiana arcades, they preserves two original pavements on the ground and some of the houses also have their peepholes. So, as the house was upstairs and the stable down below, they used them to see who was coming.

Another curiosity is the black tiles directed to the town hall, they show us the old wall is still kept under them. You can see its remains through the glass floor at the entrance to the Palacio de Camposagrado, this building houses the Escuela Superior de Arte del Principado de Asturias, today. There is an urban project going on to expose the wall remains inhabit under the Calle la Muralla.

You will be in love with the french garden inside the parque Ferrera. There is panoramic view of the city from the viewpoint located in the Ermita de La Luz. Legends pray there is a ghost living and sorrounding the palacio de Balsera, where is residing the music conservatory. Aida can’t decide which points are the best to see, because all Avilés’ buildings are memorable, beautiful and charming!

We also remember you that the Museo de la Historia Urbana de Avilés (MHUA) offers a review of child labor history in Asturias, thanks to the exhibition “Guajes mineros. La memoria de los niños del carbón”. You can visit it till next March 14th, there is free entry, following current COVID regulations.

Don’t the opportunity to visit the Centro Niemeyer. The list of authors present in the sculpture exhibition “La emoción del espacio” includes artists as Pablo Picasso, Julio González, Henry Moore, Joan Miró, Antonio López, Max Ernest, Eduardo Chillida or Martín Chirino.

Urban destinations from OCA Hotels will be pretty cool if you discover them relaxed, calmed, walking through their secrets, mysteries, sweets and with their neighbours. We are waiting for you in OCA Villa de Avilés!


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